Sunday, November 17, 2019

New Memories To Begin for Descendants of Hollingsworth, Littlejohn, and Robbins Surnames

My family blog has not been active for two years but will pick up again to include highlighting the lives of our families' dearly departed ancestors as well as highlighting memories of our descendants in general terms.

It is important in one's life to document and record the changes that continue in the lives of one's living descendants, without naming names or revealing private information about the people involved.

Earlier generations of family members on all sides migrated from Europe to the United States from the 1600s-early 1900s and then from the northeastern part of the United States in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia southward through the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia, to Florida, and west or southwest through Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana to Oklahoma and Texas.

Linda Sue Hollingsworth Littlejohn Robbins' life began in 1942 in small town in far northeastern Texas in Cass County. In her life she has lived sequentialy in Henderson, Anderson, Galveston, and Harris Counties, TX; Oklahoma, Stephens, and Oklahoma Counties, OK; Dallas County, TX; Los Angesles County, CA; Oklahoma, Osage, Cherokee, and Rogers Counties, OK; Bell and Wise Counties, TX.

Her family includes spouse, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who have migrated from their homes in New York, Vermont, Canada, Panama, Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Tennessee, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Washington (State), Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, and Minnesota.

It is fortunate that many of our family are clustered along I-35 that runs through or fairly close to our six childrens' homes in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Grandchildren's families are more far-flung in other states mostly due to job locations or other family members in their areas.