Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Revisiting William Augustus Robbins' Life: His Time in the US Army in WWI and Afterward

2017 is nearing the end of 1914-2018, the Centenary of the Great War, World War I. It brings to my mind the fact that my husband's father, William Augustus Robbins, served in the US Army in World War I in the Territory of Hawaii from 1917-1919. His service to his country was given with all of the patriotism and fervor of any other person who served his country at that time as would be now, even though he never saw the atrocities of the war in Europe or on other fronts.

The remarkable facts about my husband's father in WWI were that he passed a test by the US Army in the Territory of Hawaii along with 50 others who received their bachelor degrees prior to enlisting in the US Army in WWI and trained at Scholfield Barracks in O Ľahu, Hawaii.
Robbie, as he was known to friends, was appointed 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry in the 2nd Hawaiian Infantry to discharge. Honorable discharge February 14, 1919 for convenience of the Government.
He walked in many patriotic parades wearing his WWI uniform once he returned to the area of his birth, in Islip, NY from 1929-1948 when he passed away. He was in the WAR Rusy-Bohm Post, No. 411
1929-1948. William Augustus Robbins held several offices in the Rusy-Bohm Post No. 411, American Legion including Finance Officer. His wife, Fannie Harriet Love Robbins, served in several officer posts in the American Legion Auxiliary.

Robbi is buried at the Babylon, Suffolk County, NY Cemetery: Inscription: William A. Robbins, Hawaii, First Lieutenant Infantry Res, World War I, Feb 18, 1888-May 6, 1948.

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