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Part 2: Lucy Jane Lamb’s Birth (1868), Marriage (1887), and First 21 Years of Married Life (1887-1908) with 13 Births

Lucy Jane Lamb, my great-grandmother, was born on September 16, 1868 in Chipola, Calhoun County, Florida to John Lamb and Almira Peacock Lamb.

In June, 1885, the Florida State Census listed the Lamb family as #223 with Lucy Jane as age 16 and single. Her father’s birthplace was North Carolina and her mother’s birthplace was Georgia. The record is on page 434.

Two and a half years later at age 19, on December 22, 1887, Lucy Jane Lamb married John Pinckney Willis as stated in the license issued by James Stanfill, Calhoun County District Judge for the 2nd County Circuit of the State of Florida on December 19, 1887. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Charles S. Fuss and witnessed by James Stanfill.

Marriage License for John Pinckney Willis and Lucy Jane Lamb 
John Pinckney Willis (1866-1911)
Lucy Jane Lamb Willis (1868-1945)

December 1, 1888, at age 20, Lucy and John’s first child, their oldest son, John Joseph Willis, was born in Blountstown or Chipola, Calhoun County, Florida.
April 24, 1890, their second child, their second son, George Washington Willis, was born in Chipola, Calhoun County, Florida when Lucy was 21.  

April 23, 1891, at age 22, Lucy and John’s third child and their first daughter, Mary Almira Willis, was born in Chipola, Calhoun County, Florida.

July 15, 1892, John and Lucy’s fourth child, the third son, William “Willi” Jefferson Willis, was born in Chipola, Calhoun County, Florida when Lucy was 23.

On July 15, 1893, Lucy, age 24, and John’s second child, son George Washington Willis died in Chipola, Calhoun County, Florida when George was 3 years old. He was buried at Bailey(s) Cemetery, Calhoun County, Florida. Directions to Baileys Cemetery are to begin at Highway 20 at Clarksville, go north on Hwy 73, right on Bailey Cemetery Road, go 1 mile. The Bailey(s) Cemetery will be on the right on a curve.

There is one only more Willis listed by now at the webpage, a child,  Lucy Lamb Willis with no dates.  With this name, I wonder if this could be another child of John Pinckney and Lucy Jane Lamb Willis. If the child was born to Lucy and John Willis, the birth probably occurred between 1887 and 1909 when their family lived in Calhoun County. There are other Lamb and Cook surnames and maiden names that are probably ancestors and buried at Bailey(s) Cemetery. In addition, there are 21 graves without identification and 55 graves with names but no dates.
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September 19, 1893, the fifth child, a second daughter of John and Lucy, was Alice Lucinda Willis was born at Chipola, Calhoun County, Florida when Lucy was 25. Alice is important to me as she is my maternal grandmother who had six children, four of whom lived to adulthood, with her husband, Richard Lusky Gray in east Texas in Anderson County and Montgomery County. The four children married and gave Lusky and Alice 14 grandchildren. Presently there are 12 living grandchildren who have many children and grandchildren of their own in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New York, and Virginia.

Mother Lucy Jane Lamb Willis (1868-1945)  holds  fifth child, my grandmother,  Alice Lucinda Willis (1893-1980),  John Pinckney Willis (1866-1911) holds fourth child, William Willie Jefferson Willis (1892-1939), and standing at right are third child, Mary Almira Willis (1891-1970), and first child, John Joseph Willis ( 1888-1927). Photo may have been taken in 1894 in Florida after the death of their second child George Washington Willis (1890-1893)

April 29, 1895 their sixth child and fourth son Jesse Loyd Willis was born in Chipola, Calhoun, Florida when Lucy was age 26.

April 13, 1897 the seventh child and third daughter Cecilia Viola Ola Jacqueline Willis was born at Willis or Chipola, Calhoun County, Florida when Lucy was 28.

September 13, 1898 John and Lucy’s eighth child and fifth son Charles Dewey Willis was born at Willis, Calhoun County, Florida when Lucy was 29.

On January 6, 1900, the U.S. Census stated that the John Pinckney and Lucy Jane Lamb family lived at District 2, Pippins Mill, Calhoun County, Florida. It lists John’s birthplace as North Carolina, Lucy’s birthplace as Georgia, total number of children as 8, and number of living children as 7. The parent’s marriage year was given as 1888 [listed as 1887 on the marriage license] with number of married years as 12. John P. Willis owned his own farm with no mortgage. Lucy’s occupation was not given. The ages for the family given in the 1900 U.S. Census were: John P. Willis 34, Lucy J. Willis 31, John J. Willis 11, Mary A. Willis 9, William J. Willis 7, Alice L. Willis 6, Jesse L Willis 5, [Callie]
Cecilia V. Willis 3 and Charles D. Willis 1.

September 4, 1900 was the birth of the ninth child, John and Lucy’s fourth daughter Ludie Valonia Willis at Willis, Calhoun County, Florida when Lucy was almost 32.

June 27, 1902 Lucy, at age 33, and John had their tenth child, son Marvin Rivey Willis, born in Calhoun County, Florida.

March 28, 1904, the eleventh child was born to Lucy, age 35, and John, a son Purley Gratan Willis, born at Chipola, Calhoun County, Florida.

April 25, 1906, John and Lucy, age 37, had their twelfth child, son Guy Clifford Willis, born at Willis, Calhoun County, Florida.

January 29, 1908, they had their thirteenth child, son Alton Jackson Willis, the last child born in Florida at Willis in Calhoun County. Lucy was 39.

John Pinckney & Lucy Jane Lamb Willis Family: 10 of 14 Children
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