Monday, August 18, 2008

5th Edition Smile For The Camera - A Carnival Of Images

For the 5th Edition of Smile For The Camera-A Carnival of Images: Crowning Glory, the story that takes first place in my heart is the change of two brothers in my family.

The Robbins grandsons have sported long hair for many years, and they are only 22 and 18 years old. For their own reasons, each now has shorter hair. In this grandma's opinion, the shorter hair is much preferred and shows off their handsome good looks to much better advantage.

For comparison purposes, I will include before and after pictures of the two brothers. The third brother, as you can see, still loves his long locks at age 17.

The picture I have chosen for the Crowning Glory Carnival entry is the top one of Phillip Robbins with his very long, red Crowning Glory hair blowing in the wind at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri June, 2008 before his Crowning Glory had to be "cut short" for basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri in July, 2008.


  1. Linda, that is a great picture. I hope Phil stays safe in the Army. I prefer the short hair on guys myself. That was a great shot though.

  2. Did you get to see any of the Branson shows while there?

  3. There are some great Branson shows to see too!


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